Cigniti SMART Tools

Analyze business needs, Automate test efforts and Accelerate release cycles

Over the last decade there has been a significant transformation in the philosophy of testing, as an entirely new breed of tools have invaded the testing community. However, conventional tools address generic requirements leaving gaps for a majority of requirements which vary with each business scenario. In addition to these disparities, we understand your requirements are unique, to an extent where market tools need substantial customization. To overcome these challenges, Cigniti has built a set of tools that address these needs and bridge the gaps.

With over a decade of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, Cigniti has witnessed several redundancies and inefficiencies in test life cycle. Cigniti has translated its experience & expertise into tools, point solutions and frameworks to jump start QA efforts & realize quicker ROI. Cigniti SMART Tools are cloud enabled, with Pay As You Go model service options.

Static Requirements Analyzer

Ensure early defect detection - Ensure cost reduction

Industry statistics indicate that over "20%" of software defects are due to ambiguous requirements that are not identified early in the software life cycle.

Cigniti Static Requirements Analyzer aims to identify poor quality requirements and reduce defect leakage to subsequent phases. This framework is simple yet powerful in validating requirements and eliciting non-functional requirements thereby improving overall testability. The tool supports multiple life cycle models (Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid) and integrates evolving requirements.

Static Requirement Analyzer helps improve Clarity, Completeness, Consistency and Testability of requirements. Cigniti has deployed this framework across several engagements improving early defect detection. The results from the initial pilot of Static Requirements Analyzer have encouraged CIOs to make it an organization wide initiative.

Deficient requirements are the single biggest cause of software project failure."

- Hofmann and Lehner.

iGenerate Test Scenarios

Ensure intelligent scenario generation - Ensure cost reduction

Test case authoring and maintenance consume over 30% of efforts in the test life cycle. Test Techniques manually implemented by testers often tend to miss out paths, negative scenarios, or requirements.

Industry is adopting lean documentation techniques to reduce maintenance and minimize costs. Business analysts are unable to determine the optimal amount of documentation. UML Standards and Requirements Modeling tools have addressed these challenges using Activity Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams etc. When it comes to QA, Testers are generally introduced after requirement analysis is completed and often brought in the last minute to author & execute test cases. With limited knowledge on the system and little time for detailed knowledge transfer, testers end up authoring test cases with a lot of assumptions. These assumptions result in rework, redundancy & incomplete test coverage.

Cigniti "iGenerate Test Scenarios" tool addresses these challenges and minimizes the limitations of human efforts while ensuring full test coverage for a complex business process. This tool leverages activity diagrams to generate test conditions. It traverses all paths of a business process using graph theory to ensure full coverage. Smart Tagging is a unique feature of this tool, which allows induction of business logic, negative scenarios and domain expertise. These tags are reusable and pluggable into multiple activity diagrams.

iGenerate Test Scenarios embraces Model Based Testing with Testers Intelligence which is deployed in the form of Tags. Savings up to 30% - 50% have been realized in test case authoring efforts across several engagements.

The agile methodology movement is not anti-methodology; in fact, many of us want to restore credibility to the word. We also want to restore a balance: We embrace modeling, but not merely to file some diagram in a dusty corporate repository. We embrace documentation, but not to waste realms of paper in never-maintained and rarely used tomes.

- The Agile Manifesto by Martin Fowler and Jim

Test Optimizer

Ensure test scenario generation - Ensure ROI with test optimization

The number of test cases that are required to ensure comprehensive coverage in complex business applications can be very large and often it is demanding to manually author and execute them. The challenge is to reduce the number of test cases without sacrificing coverage.

Today, applications are required to work in heterogeneous platforms consisting of diverse operating systems, browsers, devices, and networks. Full coverage of test cases that cover all possible combinations can be very large. Manual attempt to document these test cases can be error prone, and often results in redundancy. In addition, there is pressure to execute optimal set of test cases in limited time available for testing. Similar problems surface in testing application where number of inputs data fields are large, resulting in need for optimal test cases. Identifying the most relevant ones ensures optimal coverage & reduces maintenance.

Cigniti "Test Optimizer" tool generates optimized combinations based on the input domains, coverage parameters and estimates the degree of risk. It encompasses orthogonal model and Pairwise test techniques. This tool adheres to Lean and Agile methodologies and eliminates duplicate test conditions.

Test Optimizer tool has reduced test case authoring and execution in mission critical engagements

"Software Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors". The importance of testing can be understood by the fact that "around 35% of the elapsed time and over 50% of the total cost are expending in testing programs"

- Myers G. J., The Art of Software Testing

Web Services Validator

Ensure 100% test coverage - Ensure smooth Web services

Comprehensive validation of web services has become a pre-requisite for critical enterprise applications or software transcending an ISV. Web Services validation needs technical expertise, sophisticated test approach to handle voluminous test combinations. However forward integration, 100% coverage & holistic governance still needs to be addressed on par with the emerging technologies in the IT ecosystem.

The web services validator handles REST API tests using UI / Schema mapping. The tool comes with built-in Fault Injection algorithms that flag Violations & Constraints to address the demands of testing across SDLC and STLC. Web services Validator utilizes Boundary Value Analysis & Pairwise techniques to generate test cases for all the data types. Designed to handle high data volumes and workloads, the tool uses random seed algorithm to embed demographic test data into the test life cycle.

The Validator ensures compliance with industry standards and provides seamless integration with market tools like HP Service Test, Soap UI, SOATest and LoadRunner. The deployment of Web Services Validator achieved 100% unit level test coverage by exercising positive & negative tests.

"You only need one service to need governance. You only need one service to destroy business"

– Daryl Plummer, Gartner

Automation accelerator Kit

Ensure speed and accuracy - Ensure ROI with savings report

Enterprises are grappled with explosion of devices / apps and a constant demand for cost reduction. Test Automation with continuous integration plays a decisive role in maneuvering the investments and resources into successful products and healthy ROI.

The automation acceleration kit is designed to align with Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid methodologies. Built in evaluators include Feasibility analyzer and ROI calculators. Testlets form the backbone of the accelerator kit with point solutions for packaged applications. These testlets boost the test schedule with custom made solutions for specific test processes that go a long way in overall automation acceleration.

Equipped with a repository of reusable function libraries and tool agnostic frameworks, the acceleration kit envelops automation along enterprise applications across verticals. Partnerships with leading tool vendors and compliance with industry standards ensure quality results.

Enterprises which engaged Cigniti's Automation accelerator Kit saved time in automation efforts and reduced costs by 30%.

"The explosion of devices and apps is creating a strain on organizations. As devices shift to business critical application platforms the ability to have consistent test automation will be a key to success."

- Gartner

Performance Analyzer

Ensure excellent performance - Ensure cost reduction

Performance testing is facing newer challenges as Technology & Infrastructure are distributed across the ever changing, heterogeneous IT ecosystem. Analyzing data from multiple sources has outgrown the time consumed for performance tests. Just-in time analysis helps keep the stakeholders updated on the status of testing on critical business processes.

Cigniti's performance analyzer is equipped with customized reports based on business specific parameters and engineering metrics.The tool publishes reports by correlating data from geographically distributed sources and generates static inferences based on correlation of parameters. The tool is designed to integrate with Load Runner, JMeter, WebLoad, And Silk Performer & RPT. The analyzer supports multiple test runs and generates reports per test in unattended execution mode.

The analyzer parses data files of 2 GB with ability to search and extract relevant error codes

The deployment of Performance Analyzer has pinpointed failures & reduced the effort on building reports by 50%.

Deficient requirements are the single biggest cause of software project failure."

– Hofmann and Lehner

CIO Dashboards

Define business specific reports - Ensure Smart decisions

Tools built around Product Lifecycle Management and Application Lifecycle Management produce a lot of metrics and dashboards but fail to provide guidance. Wrong decisions leading to failures have pulled down brand, growth & business value. Insightful inferences & Decision Enablers with risk assessments have become crucial to CIO success / failure.

The Dashboards are designed to provide reports on Test phases in terms of Process Maturity which drives standardization & consistency across business units / projects. Release Sign-Off reports provide insightful information about current release and helps avoid surprises in production.The dashboards are equipped with adapters to leverage data from existing test management tools.

The dashboards report Return on Investment with score cards and visual indicators to drive quality with optimal expenditure. Equipped with adapters to leverage data from existing test management tools, the dashboards come with a built-in rule engine and key decision parameters to quantify the risk appetite

The deployment of CIO dashboards over the years has helped CIOs build consensus among the shareholders and stakeholders during critical decisions.

"Lose your sleep before your decision, not after it."

- Cam Smith

Cigniti TestCloud™

Ensure smooth migration - Ensure minimal CAPEX

Enterprises are adopting OPEX models to reduce costs on Test infrastructure which needs to be upgraded with emerging changes in the IT ecosystem. Cloud offers a solution in terms of infrastructure and resources. However, migrating into a Cloud demands careful corporate commitments since compatibility; clustering and vendor lock in issues pose challenges.

Cigniti TestCloud TM offers 'On demand' test infrastructure for mobile, performance & automation. With data security and privacy procedures in place, the Cloud ensures protocol and standard compliance. Partnerships with leading tool vendors and test services with built in tool licensing make the Cloud, a reliable testing platform. Engagement models which enable Pay-As-You-Go service options reduce CAPEX. The Mobile Device cloud provides global access to "real" devices and compatibility suites to ensure testing for the new age applications and IT systems.

The cloud enables access to diverse operating systems, browsers, devices & hardware making it a reliable testing hub. Engagements with Cigniti TestCloudTM reduced CAPEX and helped several enterprises meet their Just-In time requirements.

"By 2016, 40% of enterprises will make proof of independent security testing a precondition for using any type of cloud service".

- Gartner

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